Storage Containers in Arkansas

Rentway Storage, Inc. offers ground level storage containers in 20 ft and 40 ft lengths, perfect for Arkansas businesses that need temporary or mobile storage.

Storage containers (also known as Shipping Containers, Portable Containers, Conex, Intermodel, Sea Containers, Steel Containers, Railroad Containers or Cargo Boxes), can help reduce clutter and make your office or business space more efficient and productive.

Ground level steel storage containers provide easy access for loading and unloading. Since every shipping container is built to withstand the very harshest conditions on the open ocean, they can easily protect your valuable items.

Please note that containers can NOT be moved once they are loaded.

One of Rentway Storage many high quality steel storage containers.

Here is what you need to know

  • Container lengths are 20 ft or 40 ft
  • 40 ft widths are 7’8″ (inside) or 8 ft (outside)
  • 40 ft lengths are 39.5 ft (inside) or 40 ft (outside)
  • 40 ft cubic capacity is 2,350 sq ft
  • 40 ft empty weight is 8,300 lbs
  • 20 ft widths are 7’8″ (inside) or 8′ (outside)
  • 20 ft length are 19.5 ft (inside) or 20 ft (outside)
  • 20 ft cubic capacity is 1,165 sq ft
  • 20 ft empty weight is 5,140 lbs
  • Heights are 7.9 ft (inside) or 8.5 ft (outside)
  • Flooring is 1 1/16 in marine grade plywood
  • 12 – 14 gauge corrugated steel sides and end walls
  • Watertight gaskets around cargo doors
  • Double doors on one end 7’8″ wide
  • 4 bar secure locking system
  • Wind and water tight
  • Virtually vandal proof

Container Uses

  • Jobsite equipment storage
  • Construction storage
  • Industrial storage
  • Seasonal merchandise
  • Tool storage
  • Excess Inventory
  • Work shops
  • Emergency shelters
  • School surplus supplies
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Agriculture storage
  • Retail storage
  • Business record storage
  • Hunting storage
  • Guard shacks
  • Residential remodeling
  • Military training
  • Vehicle storage
  • Customer Location 3
  • Customer Location 2

Storage Container Delivery

We will deliver a steel storage container on a tilt bed truck anywhere in the state of Arkansas. The driver will back the trailer and lower the end of the container until it touches the ground. He will then pull straight out from under the metal storage container. We will need 100 ft of straight clearance, 14 ft width clearance and 18 ft over overhead clearance (power lines, trees, etc.)

You will be asked if you would like the doors of the container to come off first or last, please consider your door placement before delivery.

The truck, trailer and storage container will weigh approximately 30,000 lbs. A concrete pad, asphalt or other sturdy surface is required. Any other surface requested will be at the sole determination of our driver upon delivery.